dobelx64 is an interpreter for the DOBELA esoteric programming language, written in x86-64 assembly language — specifically, the FASM dialect.

It was largely an exercise in x86-64 assembly and the ELF format. Every byte in dobelx64 is either the translation of an assembly instruction I wrote, or was otherwise inputted by me directly, and no library functions are called. Apart from the FASM assembler and the C preprocessor (to avoid hard-coding some magic numbers related to system calls), no compilers nor linkers are involved in the build process.

As a result, dobelx64 is very non-portable. Beside requiring an x86-64 or compatible processor, it runs only on Linux — though some BSDs might also be capable. Only Linux has been tested.


Both a pre-built binary and the source code are available here:

FileTypeSize (octets)Last modified
dobelx64 1.1.1, Linux binaryxz-compressed tarball4 2842017-07-28
dobelx64 1.1.1 source codexz-compressed tarball14 3642017-07-28