Mag-1.3581: Advanced Summoning in Practice (10 cr)

ASiP, or "Mag-1.3581: Advanced Summoning in Practice (10 cr)", is my response to a university programming exercise involving implementing a simple text adventure in Java. As usual I skipped the "simple" part and implemented a somewhat generic engine including a small domain-specific language describing (some of) the content. Given the amount of content it would likely have been simpler to hard-code it, but it was a fun exercise.


A single archive containing both the source code and the compiled class files is available here:

FileTypeSize (octets)Last modified
ASiP code7z archive89 7902014-12-29

The user interfaces provided by the course staff are not included, as their licensing was under debate at the time and remains unknown to me. Instead, a textual user interface of my own is provided.